About Somme Nursing Home

The Somme Nursing Home is a charity established in 1914 to provide treatment and quality care for ex-service people and their spouses.

We provide long term and convalescent nursing care for sick, wounded and disabled:

  • Ex-service people, Regular and Reserves and their spouses
  • Former officers of the Royal Ulster Constabulary and their spouses
  • HM Prison Service ex-service members and their spouses
  • Mercantile Marine and their spouses
  • Fire Authority and their spouses 

‘It’s lovely to be here. I feel so safe and secure.’
Harry, 89, Ex Army

A committment to care

The Home exists to create an environment where compassion and understanding of the unique needs of the ex-service resident is paramount to the delivery of care.
By individual assessment and by promoting the core values of dignity, choice, preservation of citizens rights, independence, self determination and privacy, the Home strives to deliver the highest standard of care in a homely, relaxed environment.
We encourage the involvement of both the resident and the family in the planning of care.

Meet the Team

The Somme Nursing home is Governed by a board of trustees and managed by a skilled team of professionals some of those involved are: 

Steven  Philips

Chairman of the Board
Military Background
Steven spent 26 years serving in the Regular and Territorial Army leaving in 2001.

Civilian Background
Steven is a civil servant.

Somme Nursing Home
Steven joined the board in 2006 previously serving as Deputy Chair the Deputy Chairman and has responsibility for the Home's finances. 

Peter Baillie

Deputy Chairman
Military Background 
Peter was  Commissioned into the Royal Navy in 1976 as a nuclear submariner. Then returned to Northern Ireland and transferred into the Army in the rank of Major as Chief of Staff in 107 (Ulster) Brigade. Voluntary Retirement in 2003.
Civilian Background
Peter worked as a Welfare Officer with the charity Combat Stress (the Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society). Currently he is the Director of The UDR and R IRISH Aftercare Service a unique and bespoke welfare service. 
Somme Nursing Home
Peter Joined The Somme Nursing Home as part of the Board of Directors in 2013

Former Chair and Board members 

Ernie Telford

Former Chairman of the Board
Military Background 
Ernie originally joined Queens University OTC in 1968 as an officer Cadet. Later he received a Commissioned as a second Lieutenant into Royal IRISH Rangers in 1971. Rose to rank of Lt Colonel and finished service in Reserve Forces as SO1 G3.
Civilian Background
Ernie started a legal career in 1973 in MTB solicitors and retired as Senior Partner 43 years later in 2016, Today he remains with the same firm and continues his work as a Consultant.
Somme Nursing Home
Ernie Joined the Somme in 1996 and served as a board member until becoming Chairman in May 2016 until 2021

The Somme Nursing Home
Registered with The Charity Commission Northern Ireland NIC101793